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Information Technology Services

Here at MikeySoft we can deal with the following operating systems – Windows, MAC and Linux. Giving our clients the opportunity to run desktop and laptop varieties of their favourite O/S. Whether you need a new machine install, a machine refresh, hardware additions or simple software installation at MikeySoft we are able to give you all the help you need. We are happy to look at problems such as slow and sluggish machines, non-operating systems, firewall and antivirus installations indeed any problem you have we are quite happy to look at.

Networking, Internet and Remote Services

Whether you are running a small home office or have a major business need indeed nowadays even home users require the ability to connect more than one machine together. Perhaps you want to connect your laptop to your desktop, or your families machines to a central server or a shared device a MikeySoft we take the time to find out exactly what you want and we can then tailour our services to meet your IT needs. if you want to access your set up remotely and are connected to the internet then we can look at remote access, or wide area networks too.

Advertising, Design and Internet Marketing

Are you looking for the design and creation of posters, banners, business documents or looking for image manipulation. Do you need help with your adverts for placement on the internet or in newspaper or magazines. Give us your brief and use a wide range of tools from Adobe and Quark, we can make your thoughts a paper dream. Are you wishing to take your designs online then you need an Internet presence and our team can assist with WebDesign, Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing along with Social Media presence implementation.

Business Management Services

Hailing from a 15 year background in Business Banking, MikeySoft are well adverse to office management and whether you are looking for offsite administration work on an ad hoc basis, or regular long term admin services MikeySoft are able to assist. With a strong background in customer services we are able to offer a full admin service. Having a complete understanding of contractual law and employment matters, MikeySoft can assist with Contract Disputes, Employment Disputes and matters arising out of the non-payment of monies owed from letters, debt collection and Court Procedures.

Who and What is MikeySoft

MikeySoft can work with you or for you. MikeySoft can work on or off your premises
Michael Ludwig has been providing services in the Banking, Law, Sales, IT, Customer Service environments since 1987

Michael Ludwig through MikeySoft currently is working on 3 large permanent contracts (but is able to take ad hoc work to assist you in your home or business). Currently as a Business Systems and Procedures Manager providing a full management, IT and Marketing function to business in the following sectors - Hotel & Leisure, Domestic Cleaning and IT Solutions. Working from a variety of locations, MikeySoft can travel however most work can be completed remotely offsite.

  • Banking

    10 years experience in retail banking and commercial banking. Fully versed in Sales and Customer Lending

  • Law & Debt Collection

    10 years experience in Contract Law and Small Business Personnel Matters. Debt Collection from Letters to Full Court Appearances

  • Information Technology & Marketing

    10 years Hardware, Software and Networking Experience in Windows and Mac. WebDesign, Email Marketing

  • Administration & Database Management

    Since 1987 working in a variety of Office Administration roles, providing Management & Customer Service experience to small business in many sectors

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Mr & Mrs MikeySoft

Who are they?
Michael Ludwig
I am Mikeysoft – contact me for your local IT needs. The picture was in 1985 just before i started providing IT solutions and Banking advice
Tracy Ludwig
Provide Food, Love and Comfort (and does the post), packaging and purchasing and generally keeping an eye on things.


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