Hardware Configuration in Swansea

So that piece of hardware, for your Swansea home or business  –  you have had for a number of years suddenly stops working, where do you go for advice. Have you got the correct drivers- often drivers become out of date.

Hardware Configuration in Swansea

Hardware Configuration in Swansea

We have sourced numerous drivers over the years for products that are no longer supported for by their manufacturer. Especially with the advent of Windows 8 a number of applications are no longer instantly working – but using our proven techniques we can (in most cases) allow them to continue.

Purchased a new computer recently? Have you noticed all the fiddly cables and connections? Having problems getting your old software, your old printer and scanner working with your new equipment. Sometimes a few tweaks and a bit of tinkering is all that is required and within half an hour most setups can be completed.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 compliant software and installation – driver and hardware reconfiguration.

Mac compliant from Snow Leopard onwards.

We can install motherboards, PCI cards, USB devices as long as it has a slot it will go in!

Desktops and Laptops a speciality, with drivers available for most applications, and hardware devices.

Also Driver Backups available indeed many types of hardware configuration in Swansea catered for.