Network Software Installations in Swansea

Peer to Peer Networking – Ad Hoc Connections – Servers – Domains are terms all associated with connecting machines together.

Clients are not really interested in these words and all they want to know is “can you connect my machine to either a printer or someone elses computer?”

Can i connect to my machine remotely?


Using most built in software on Windows and MACs you can know simply connect using nothing more than a cable or a wireless router. We can though offer full blown server software using either OSX server, Linux Server software or Windows Server 2008 and beyond to allow multiple machines to connect.

Email can be on a per user basis, or using an exchange server.

Connections remotely can be per machine on an ad hoc basis using Teamviewer or more permanent using Real Vnc.

For those who wish permanent server access remotely then we suggest using Hamachi Client.

We can provide details of Network Software Installations in Swansea for any sized network