Webdesign and SEO in Swansea

Webdesign and SEO – search engine optimisation, so you can be seen and found.
  1. When you decide to have a website or even a webpage for that matter, you need to establish a number of things.
  2. What is your website going to be called.We can help you find a good website name- this is DOMAIN NAME PURCHASING.
  3. You need to decide what you are going to have on your site, what information and what products.
    We can DESIGN and BUILD
    your website.
  4. You need to get your site seen by the most people. You need to ensure that people can search for things that are on your site and your site reaches the highest possible position within search engines.
    We deal with all your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION
  5. Once you have the above you need to get your website up into the web.
    We can HOST
    your website through various hosting partners.
  6. Once people visit your site we can then show you changes that are required, and who visits which page and what they do, and where they go- helping you design and change the most relevant and frequently visited pages.
  8. We can also arrange Customer Newsletters, Blog Marketing and arrange Social Networking Advertising through various partners depending on the level of support required.We design our websites initially on Incomedia Website X5 using versions 8, 9 and 10 however once set should you wish to continue the design service independently we offer resales on the same software or are able to recommend software to use including but not limited to WordPress.
  9. Mobile and Responsive Webdesign using HTML5, WordPress, Webflow and Reflow, along with all Adobe Products
  10. Webdesign and SEO in Swansea an integral service that can be offered and arranged by MikeySoft