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Information Technology based in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Swansea
  • Virus Removal, Firewalls and Sluggish Computers in and around Swansea
Do  you ever wake up in your Swansea home and go to work in Swansea  only  to find that your computer system has ground to a halt, and no matter  how many times you restart it, it just will not work.
Does your computer freeze and hang, shut down when you least expect it.
Have you ever had the Blue Screen of Death.
Does your computer do what it wants and not what you want?
A  number of things could be causing these problems and can be fixed  relatively quickly, easily and more importantly inexpensively.
You could simply need one of three things, a virus checkup or firewall setup or merely a quick tune-up.
If  you need impartial and an inexpensive repair on your Swansea, Neath  Port Talbot or Llanelli based PC then feel free to contact MikeySoft.

  • Software Setup in and around Swansea
Have  you just purchased that latest application,from a local Swansea IT  reseller or major PC chain and no matter how hard you try you cant seem  to install it?
The software helpline keeps you on hold for hours, and still it will not run?
Are you sure you have the latest software for your hardware? - Do you know where to download all the latest drivers
Do you even know what software is best for the process you want to follow?

  • Application Design in and around Swansea
Do you want a specific piece of software to do a specific job?
Can  you actually find the application you want, to do the actual job you  want...or do you settle for a piece of run of the mill software.
Let  us know what you want to use the software for and we can locate the  best program for the job or using our partner supplies we can design a  bespoke application to meet your needs.
Using our own software  expertise a software package that meets your needs can usually be  obtained and installed so the task or project you are looking for can be  completed - bespoke software especially databases and MYSQL  applications can also be installed and run and where a project needs to  be done on a national scale using our bespoke application provider we are sure to have the software for you.

  • Hardware Setup and Configuration
So  that piece of hardware you have had for a number of years suddenly  stops working, where do you go for advice. Have you got the correct  drivers- often drivers become out of date. We have sourced numerous  drivers over the years for products that are no longer supported for by  their manufacturer. Especially with the advent of Windows 8 a number of  applications are no longer instantly working - but using our proven techniques we can (in most cases) allow them to continue.
Purchased  a new computer recently? Have you noticed all the fiddly cables and  connections? Having problems getting your old software, your old printer  and scanner working with your new equipment. Sometimes a few tweaks and  a bit of tinkering is all that is required and within half an hour most  setups can be completed

  • Software Setup and Configuration
  • Database/Spreadhseet Design and Build
  • Networking - Wired & Wifi

Most Computer Repairs within the Swansea area can be resolved within 24 hours - either at your property/premises or remotely.

If  you feel your Swansea based business, or Llanelli based business or  Neath Port Talbot business, could do with some impartial IT advice then  feel free to contact me.
Do you simply want some no obligation IT  advice, sometimes a quick remote access investigation can be done  without the need to visit your home.
Swansea IT Repairs, Swansea  Software Installations, Swansea Hardware Problems. Low Cost Websites in  Swansea. Impartial Small Business Advice in Swansea simply contact  MikeySoft.
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56 Erw Werdd
Swansea, SA7 0HF
07860 424344
(Whatsapp or Text)
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