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Having  previously worked in a Banking environment, and currently providing  ongoing legal support to a number of clients we are well versed in  dealing with most aspects of finance and the law relating to Banking.

  • Does someone owe you money?
  • Do you need to issue a County Court Summons.
  • Need a contract?
  • Need to interpret a contract?

Having problem collecting debt from a Swansea client - whilst we are not debt collectors - we will complete all legal paperwork in order to get your repayments working on either a fee basis or % of debt recovered.

We  are well versed in Banking Law and Contract Law so if you have a  problem we should be able to offer help and guidance before you need to  pay anyone to deal with your problems.

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56 Erw Werdd
Swansea, SA7 0HF
07860 424344
(Whatsapp or Text)
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